Football does not like racism, therefore its home is in Italy

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Football does not like racism, therefore its home is in Italy

TuttoStPauli in inglese. Perchè questa eccezione anglofona? Perchè vogliamo idealmente rispondere a quei "tifosi", sudditi di sua maestà Elisabetta II, che recentemente hanno inviato una missiva davvero poco carina al consolato generale italiano a Londra a seguito della sconfitta nella finale di Euro2020.

"Dear English supporters,

not to all of you, of course, but only to those racist scums that are still insulting Italy and people with a different skin color.

We have just received, at our Embassy in London, a letter that puzzled us quite a lot. Topic is still the "infamous" Euro 2020 final at Wembley.

Beyond multiple and repeated offenses against italian people, there is a clear reference to the violent hooligans movement, very well known to us italians.

We can clearly remember when in 1985 the english teams have been banned by all Uefa tournaments due to the Heysel tragedy caused by those aforementioned hooligans, and the story went on and on for all the 90's. So we do think your reference to the english hooligans is quite unfortunate and ignorant.

Hooligans that also took part in the Bloody Sunday in Derry: today we know that between those soldiers many were real hooligans from engliah terraces.

Then you have been singing "it is coming home", but what is home? Football was invented in florence around 1200 but already ancient Greeks and Romans were playing something similar to modern football. 

Different cultures, uh? Tell us about multiculturalism... since a lot of your supported abused racially even your own players - do you know how much is Rashford doing to support children in your local communities? - and this comes without surprise, given your long history of colonization and discrimination all around the world.

Sorry, we wanted to talk only about football. Okay, but what has Englan won so far? Nothing but a stolen World Cup from Germany, in 1966, with goal-that-wan't, assigned by a side referee from Soviet Union that was probably still hating Germany from WWII.

Now that football has finally returned to hom/Rome, the National Front supporters are crying like children and sending letters that would have triggered another world war

We are pacifists (well, at least most of us... we also have some asshole and racist, event at the Government), we like pizza, beautiful ladies, love and immagination, the genius of Michelangelo and Rffaello and also of sporting tactics, even the music of U2. But we missed last World Cup and we literally sucked in the previous 2, following our victory in 2006. 

So we are quite pleased that football has really returned to where it belongs, at home, in the Italian peninsula".